Friday LinkFrogging – 10/29/10

Its almost Halloween. As Count Floyd would say "Ohhh...spooky kids." Seriously, is there a better holiday than Halloween.  You get to dress up in a costume and, depending on your predilictions and/or guts, live out your fantasies, all while begging for food. Think about it, if the guy under the freeway with the cardboard sign … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 10/29/10

Nicolas Cage Hairpiece Hall of Fame – Con Air

Very few actors have managed to be so simultaneously revered and reviled as Nicolas Cage.  For every Leaving Las Vegas there is a Fire Birds.  To call his work inconsistent is to malign the word inconsistent. However, one thing remains consistent in Nic's work - his vast collection of hair pieces. You see, like so … Continue reading Nicolas Cage Hairpiece Hall of Fame – Con Air

The Greatest Music of the ’90s

Now that even the tail end of the decade is almost 10 years ago, I decided it was time to weigh in on this very important topic.  Important?, you ask. Why yes. Because at least one version of mainstream rock musical history goes like this: the Dinosaurs, Punk, 4 days of Power Pop, Hair Metal … Continue reading The Greatest Music of the ’90s