Friday LinkFrogging – 4/22/11

Good Friday to you all. We're back to once again take a trip to the corners of the internet, both sacred and profane. Why?  Because its what we do.  We're digital explorers.  We bring 'em back alive and let you view from behind the glass. Earlier this week, I was lamenting to the missus that I … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 4/22/11

New Woods Order

AP Photo/Matt Dunham In the last few weeks we have learned, ad nauseum, that Tiger Woods' carefully crafted public persona was simply a facade hiding the real Tiger from the public.  The real Tiger, as it turns out, is a world class gashhound (thanks Mr. Ellroy). As floozie after floozie has come out of the … Continue reading New Woods Order

I Have Arrived and You Should Believe the Hype

Enough! Seriously! Just fucking enough already! We were out Christmas shopping over the weekend and I saw this magazine cover staring at me from several different racks. Why in the blue hell does this woman get to tell "her side of the story?"  Let me tell her side of the story.  I hooked up with … Continue reading I Have Arrived and You Should Believe the Hype