Friday LinkFrogging – 4/22/11

Good Friday to you all.

We’re back to once again take a trip to the corners of the internet, both sacred and profane. Why?  Because its what we do.  We’re digital explorers.  We bring ’em back alive and let you view from behind the glass.

Earlier this week, I was lamenting to the missus that I hadn’t come up with a suitable cheesecake selection for this week.  We haven’t hit the summer movie season which makes my life SO much easier and nobody has done anything new and/or mock worthy.

My wife, who gets the feature, said, “you know, this weekend is associated with rabbits. Why don’t you use someone who’s been a Playboy bunny?”

Or words to that affect.

Smart woman my wife.

Say hello to Jenny McCarthy won’t you?

Ms. McCarthy first rose to fame as the 1993 Playmate of the Year.  From there she moved into television, most notably as the co-host of MTV’s Singled Out.  It was there that she honed her brassy broad persona.  Since then she’s acted steadily in the movies and on television.  It hasn’t all been rosy.  Her 2006 movie Dirty Love was eviscerated by the critics and took home a wagon full of Razzies.

In recent years, Ms. McCarthy has become an outspoken autism advocate.

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Friday LinkFrogging – 12/17/10

Christmas is in the air kids.

Its also in my car, my house, my wallet and my kids.

Its been another fun year for us here at the ‘Geek.  We’ve seen our little site blossom and we’re on the verge of taking another big step next year.  Stay tuned.

In any event, this will be our final LinkFrogging of the year.  We’ll take next week off to celebrate Christmas and then, on New Year’s Eve, we’ll revisit our top ten posts of the year.

But before we sign off, I want to give you a little gift in the person of this week’s cheesecake.

Say hello to Liv Tyler.

The love child of Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler and former Playmate, Bebe Buell.  Ms. Tyler spent the first nine years of her life believing Todd Rundgren was her father and, presumably, banging on the drums all day.

Since then she has gone on to become an acclaimed actress, appearing in such geek approved fare as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Armageddon, Empire Records, That Thing You Do! and The Incredible Hulk (the non-Ang Lee one).

She even took the time to continue the family tradition of spawning with a musician during her relationship with Royston Langdon of 90s one hit wonders Spacehog (make your own Oneder joke here).

In a recent interview, Ms. Tyler stated that she wasn’t very good at dating so there is hope for you yet dear reader(s).  Just don’t bore her with trivial chat about your LOTR Special Edition DVD set or Aerosmith ephemera.

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Friday LinkFrogging – 11/12/10

Tied up in Austin.

Dr. Bruce and Stephe are en route to Austin Comic Con, where the streets will soon run with Geeky effluent of all manner. It’s cool though. I’m saving myself for full immersion at the big one (San Diego) and the good doctor left a little prezzie behind, a visual representation of one of the Austin event’s fairer participants, Torrie Wilson.

Wilson entered this world  in Boise, Idaho, and became a successful female body-builder before moving to L.A. to — all togther now — pursue a career in acting. Now, I know better than to make any connectiong between wrestling and acting (I was still young and impressionable when Andy Kaufman made that mistake, and it’s never left me) but as it turned out, Wilson’s big break came one night when she attended a WCW event with her boyfriend and was asked to accompany Scott Steiner to the ring.

She made her professional debut not long after as nWo agent Samantha, sent to seduce David  Flair and turn him against his father, Ric Flair. The girl must have skills, because a 7-year career with WWF followed (featuring signature moves such as the Schoolgirl, the Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors takedown, and the Sitout Facebuster) as did two Playboy appearances.

And now? Aside from the occasional celebrity reality-show appearance (most notably battling Lou Diamond Phillips to the end in ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’) and one-offs in the ring, she’s pulling double duty for GonzoGeek,  serving as this week’s LinkFrogging hostess while at the same time breathlessly awaiting the attentions of our intrepid field reporters in Austin.

Lucky girl? Well, yes, but there was a lot of hard work in there too. Lucky readers? Absolutely. Follow me please, the Links await.

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Friday LinkFrogging – 2/12/10

Welcome to Friday Cats and Kittens. 

A lot of good information out there this week, both from us and others.  Let’s turn this thing over and see where it takes us.

Before we leave the driveway and hit the information superhighway, let’s stop for a slice of cheesecake. 

Say hello to Sofia Vergara.  Sofia currently stars as Gloria on ABC’s hysterically funny Modern Family, which I believe is karma’s way of rewarding Ed O’Neill for all those years as Al Bundy on Married with Children.

Despite a recent gaffe on The View, Sofia is one of the breakout stars of the 2009-2010 television season.

If you’re not watching Modern Family, you really should be.  It is the funniest show on television at the moment.  Look up.  There’s another reason to watch.

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New Woods Order

AP Photo/Matt Dunham

In the last few weeks we have learned, ad nauseum, that Tiger Woods’ carefully crafted public persona was simply a facade hiding the real Tiger from the public.  The real Tiger, as it turns out, is a world class gashhound (thanks Mr. Ellroy).

As floozie after floozie has come out of the wordwork to discuss her elicit relations with Tiger, sponsor after sponsor has dropped Tiger.

Woods’ wife has, rightfully left him, taking their children and preparing for the mother of all divorce settlements.

Through it all, Tiger has maintained his silence, communicating only through bloated press releases from his website.  Click on that link and you’ll see a picture of smiling Tiger holding a trophy and bragging about being named 2009 Player of the Year.  There isn’t a picture of Tiger cowering as his wife worked him over with a driver, or any mention of his penchant for Perkins waitresses.

No, Tiger doesn’t get it.

Tiger has been sheltered, coddled and handled his entire life.  Nothing bad can enter his orbit.  He’s Tiger.

Well, guess what Tiger.  You’re not the first American Hero that has fallen prey to scandal that tainted his carefully sculpted image. Continue reading “New Woods Order”

I Have Arrived and You Should Believe the Hype



Just fucking enough already!

We were out Christmas shopping over the weekend and I saw this magazine cover staring at me from several different racks.

Why in the blue hell does this woman get to tell “her side of the story?” 

Let me tell her side of the story.  I hooked up with a famous married guy and now I’m using OK! magazine as a stepping stone on my way to a Playboy pictorial and eventual obscurity followed by a season on Celebrity Fit Club.

Let’s just get something straight.  Just because you helped Tiger Woods bust a nut, you’re not famous.  You’re a star fucker and an attention whore.

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