Friday LinkFrogging – 1/22/10

Welcome back once again true believers! Its been a busy week here at GonzoGeek (well, at least for me).  We've gathered our links and now I'm ready to lay them on you. But before I do that, let me introduce you to this week's cheesecake.  Please say hello to Yvonne Strahovski.  Yvonne plays Sarah the … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 1/22/10

And in this corner…Chikara Pro

I like wrestling. No, not Olympic style. I'm talking pro wrestling in all of its gaudy splendor. And I should amend that to "I used to like wrestling." I grew up in south Louisiana in the belly of the Mid-South/UWF territory and Bill Watts' simple, brilliant and effective booking ruined me for everyone else, so … Continue reading And in this corner…Chikara Pro