LUCHA LIBRE THEATER – Los Campeones Justicieros

Back in November, Stephe and I attended Wizard World Texas.  One of my great finds at the convention was a DVD containing a lucha libre double feature. I've been wanting to review it every since, but one thing or another kept blocking my ability to sit down and watch the movie and properly review it. … Continue reading LUCHA LIBRE THEATER – Los Campeones Justicieros

Wrestlemania 25 is upon us!

Its been a while loyal reader(s). Sorry for the absence, but sometimes real life interferes with the fun that is GonzoGeek. However, we're going to make up for our inactivity in spades this weekend. Why? It's Wrestlemania weekend (or Wrestlepalooza as John keeps calling it) and the big event is being held right around the … Continue reading Wrestlemania 25 is upon us!

Raw Thoughts – 2/9/09

  Wrestlemania XXV is less than 2 months away.  With the show being right in GonzoGeek's backyard, expect our coverage to ramp up in the coming weeks. For instance, this past Monday I had a chance to watch Raw in its entirety for the first time in I don't remember how long.  Thought I'd better … Continue reading Raw Thoughts – 2/9/09