What the F**k, Rob?

Smash?? What the fuck, Rob?  Was Dale Keown's Pitt too far removed from the original source material?  Are you in that big of a hurry to get sued... ...AGAIN!? I'll be upfront, in case it isn't apparent,  I'm not a Liefeld fan.  Never have been.   Those tiny little ankles, the shoulder pads, the glowing eyes … Continue reading What the F**k, Rob?

The Case Against Rob Liefeld

Stephe and I have had many discussions about how the advent of the "line guy" artists in the 1990s all but killed the comic book industry. Guys like Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane and Mark Silvestri tried to substitute overly busy drawings for story with varying results. Yes, they were able to break away from Marvel and … Continue reading The Case Against Rob Liefeld