Spreading The Disease: Cyber Stylee

'80s metal band Dokken co-stars with a chicken in a new ad campaign for Norton Internet Security 2010. User options are discussed, with outcomes graphically illustrated. Maybe Norton will sponsor a return of Rock The Bayou??

Best of 2008: Music

I don't remember listening to 10 albums that came out in 2008, so that either disqualifies me from contributing this sort of list or gives me license to submit the following... My Top 10 Musical Moments of 2008: 1) Faster Pussycat - Live at Rock The Bayou 2) The Sword - 'Gods of The Earth' … Continue reading Best of 2008: Music

Kings X – Rock the Bayou after party

This was originally going to be a review. Then proscrastination got in the way. Then Hurricane Ike. Anyway, I know how devoted Kings X fans are (being one) so I thought I'd go ahead and post these pics anyway. I went to this show with my friend Kolby. It was a good old-home time for … Continue reading Kings X – Rock the Bayou after party

Rock the Bayou – Day 1

I could easily have lived there for four days. Coming and going for four days would've been a drag. But the combination of friendly yet functional security and a crowd to match would've made it a very nice place to live, listen to music, and sit in the sun. As it was, one day was … Continue reading Rock the Bayou – Day 1