Friday LinkFrogging – 2/12/10

Welcome to Friday Cats and Kittens.  A lot of good information out there this week, both from us and others.  Let's turn this thing over and see where it takes us. Before we leave the driveway and hit the information superhighway, let's stop for a slice of cheesecake.  Say hello to Sofia Vergara.  Sofia currently … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 2/12/10

Paul Shaffer on Seinfeld?

I've been considering a purchase of Paul Shaffer's new autobiography, We'll Be Here for the Rest of Our Lives: A Swingin' Show-Biz Saga. Now I may just have to pick it up. Shaffer has been at the flashpoint of some of the great show biz moments of my life:  the birth of SNL, SCTV, the Rock … Continue reading Paul Shaffer on Seinfeld?

Road House – a Requiem

A man puts a gun in yer face, you got two choices- stand there 'n die or kill the m*th*rf*ck*r! - Wade Garrett My wife sent me an email from Cleveland on Monday night to tell me that Patrick Swayze had died.  I read it and then did the only thing a GonzoGeeker could possibly … Continue reading Road House – a Requiem