Geeks Gone Wild!: King’s X + Accept, Houston

Every once in a while even a Geek ends up with too many out-on-the-town options. Oct. 13, 2010, was one such night.  Choice #1: The final night of the Accept/King's X tour at House of Blues in the latter's hometown. Choice #2: A one-off screening of homegrown horror phenomenon 'Sweatshop' (featuring Jeremy Sumrall as The Beast), … Continue reading Geeks Gone Wild!: King’s X + Accept, Houston

5 Questions: Jeremy “The Beast” Sumrall

In preparation for a spectacular moment in Houston movie history, the debut hometown screening of award-winning horror film 'Sweatshop,' we fired up the GonzoGeek M1A1, drove north into the woods, and cornered it's arch-villain ('The Beast,' Jeremy Sumrall) hunched over his forge creating god-only-knows what. Before you write the mechanized weaponry off as overkill, just take a … Continue reading 5 Questions: Jeremy “The Beast” Sumrall

Friday LinkFrogging – 5/28/10

Testing…testing…*thump thump.* Is this thing on?? Ahh…there we go. Welcome back my friends, to the links that never end! Bruce went down to the coast this weekend to try to verify some chupacabra sightings out on Bolivar, but before departing left me with the wonderful task of making sure this gets to the world. What … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 5/28/10

The Variants

So there's this great man (Jeremy Sumrall) making a sure-to-be-great horror movie (Possum Walk) which features Keli Wolfe, also a co-star in this webseries about a Dallas-based comic book store. We're going to duck Sumrall's giant sledgehammer long enough to get an interview with him up in the near future. In the meantime, however, please enjoy … Continue reading The Variants