Davey Jones’ Locker: Pirates drown with ransom

So you hijack a supertanker (Sirius Star) 450 miles offshore east Africa in a motorboat and actually succeed. It seems the problem¬†quickly becomes:¬†what the hell do you do with the thing? You probably don't have a place to put 2 million bbl of crude. Or dock a ship more than 1,000 ft long. But you … Continue reading Davey Jones’ Locker: Pirates drown with ransom

“Garrrr … Thar Be Pirates”

By mid-December 2008 the year's tally for pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia alone totalled 109, with 42 ships successfully hijacked, and 14 vessels (with 268 crew) still being held hostage. Included among these were a Saudi supertanker (Sirius Star) and a ship carrying ex-Soviet tanks (Faina). The International Chamber of Commerce's International Maritime … Continue reading “Garrrr … Thar Be Pirates”