Friday LinkFrogging – 6/11/10

Oh what a week its been boys and girls. Lots of good (albeit largely late) content on the mighty GG this week. That leads us into our favorite weekly (and always timely) feature...LinkFrogging. Yes, we're back once again with a load of links to mystify your friends and neighbors with this weekend. And, of course, … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 6/11/10

Friday LinkFrogging – 4/2/10

Welcome back my friends to our weekly walk on the weird side of the web. Do you smell it? Its the smell of freshly mown grass, beer, hot dogs and Icy Hot. That combination can only mean one thing.  Baseball season is underway. MLB's opening day game is this Sunday when the Evil Empire, the … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 4/2/10

The Ultimate Fighter – Heavyweights, Episode 4

Well, life caught up with me and I've gotten a bit behind on these reviews.  That doesn't mean I've forgotten them. I spent a good portion of my weekend catching up on Season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter.  I'm glad I did. When last we checked in on our Vegas house full of MMA wannabes, … Continue reading The Ultimate Fighter – Heavyweights, Episode 4