Friday LinkFrogging – 11/19/10

There is nothing quite like a weekend amongst your own kind to really make you appreciate things like our little corner of the internet here. Stephe and I will be reporting on our adventures in the wilds of the Austin Comic Con soon, but let me just say it was fun.  From aging television stars … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 11/19/10

“Whip My Hair” by Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen

Last night, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon had one guest. Bruce Springsteen. The Boss was on hand to discuss his new album, The Promise. It also gave Fallon a chance to wheel out his note perfect Neil Young impression and duet with a vintage Springsteen on Willow Smith's pop hit. You can enjoy it all … Continue reading “Whip My Hair” by Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen