Friday LinkFrogging – 2/18/11

Welcome to Friday kids. I don't know about you, but this weekend couldn't have come any sooner. If life is a juggling act, I've been struggling to keep all my balls in the air this week. I'll pause here whilst you make your own jokes. (pause) Okay, moving on. Our ongoing cold snap has passed … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 2/18/11

Friday LinkFrogging – 11/19/10

There is nothing quite like a weekend amongst your own kind to really make you appreciate things like our little corner of the internet here. Stephe and I will be reporting on our adventures in the wilds of the Austin Comic Con soon, but let me just say it was fun.  From aging television stars … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 11/19/10

It’s a Work: Markism and the Business of Indy Wrestling

            Independent wrestling is probably the last bastion of true professional wrestling, and sadly, it seems to be, in far too many cases, in the hands of ill-equipped promoters, who in turn, leave the trade in the hands of ill-equipped professionals. Some have demonstrated little interest in protecting pro wrestling’s traditional foundations, instead succumbing to what … Continue reading It’s a Work: Markism and the Business of Indy Wrestling

The Kwanzaa Miracle

What follows is an actual email exchange between me and Stephe on December1, 2005.  As with most of these conversations, it started off as one thing and ended up something completely different. In the spirit of the holidays, please enjoy this very rough treatment for "The Kwanzaa Miracle," sure to become a holiday classic on … Continue reading The Kwanzaa Miracle

2008 Summer Movies

After yesterday's carpet bombing of the "Star Wars" franchise I thought I should try to make amends to Hollywood. Summer movie time is quickly approaching.  It's that special time of year where Hollywood depletes most of its budget for the year in hopes that we'll all line up at the neighborhood googleplex to see the … Continue reading 2008 Summer Movies

…And that is how you get to be President

I am a recreational anarchist. I believe that there should be rules and norms and standards. I believe that there is a right and a wrong. For better or worse, I believe in the will of the majority. But, to paraphrase the A-Team’s Col. John ‘Hannibal’ Smith, I sure do like it when a plan … Continue reading …And that is how you get to be President