Siroi Yami No Naka vs. Halo 2

Check this song out. I don't understand Japanese, but darn is it catchy. I've also never visited Japan, but from afar there seems to be a segment of their culture that celebrates the superficial even more voraciously then we do. This song, and its mash-up with a Halo 2 promo, could easily help further this … Continue reading Siroi Yami No Naka vs. Halo 2

Queens NYC: A GOP Pagan

This guy, Dan Halloran, has received the GOPs blessing as its candidate for the District 19 city council seat in Queens, NY. He is not only a Pagan high priest, but a King in his faith: Theodism. Gods include Tyr, Odin, and Thor. Halloran is an attorney and partner at Palmieri, Castiglione  & Halloran and is also … Continue reading Queens NYC: A GOP Pagan