Obamagram: Expectations and Responsibilities

The following is the full text of the most recent Obamagram from Charles A. Lewis of Coach House Capital. I think it contains some healthy perspective: As is my wont, let me begin at the beginning.  My wife, Penny Sebring, and I had lunch alone with Obama in July 2003 to get to know him … Continue reading Obamagram: Expectations and Responsibilities

Vote For The Worst: Bungles of the W. era

The fine folks over the Center for Public Integrity have put together a fun little way to revisit the disaster that has been the US executive branch for the past 8 years: you can rank W. and gang's biggest mistakes from a list of more than 100! I admire the work it must have taken to … Continue reading Vote For The Worst: Bungles of the W. era

The Real Reasons Behind: “OBAMA WINS!”

One year ago, it was going to be about Iraq. As recently as 24 hours ago, it was about the economy. Some tried to make it about race. But here, having watched the maps for an entire day, are the 3 real reasons Barack Obama is our new President. 1) Hatred of George W. Bush 2) … Continue reading The Real Reasons Behind: “OBAMA WINS!”