Friday LinkFrogging

If its Friday, then it must be time for our gang (gaggle?) of GonzoGeeks to take you on a trip through the wonderful world of the web as seen through our seriously skewed worldview. But before we set off on our journey, let me offer you a slice of cheesecake.  This week, its Daffney, TNA … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging

GonzoGeek Interviews Daffney

Standing 8 Count  Back in November at Wizard World - Texas, we were fortunate enough to meet Daffney.  You may remember her as David Flair's screamer in the WCW, or you may recognize her as TNA's "Sarah Palin."  Either way, Daffney was kind enough to agree to be the very first interview with your local GonzoGeeks.  … Continue reading GonzoGeek Interviews Daffney

Wanna See My Etchings?

Waaaaay back in 1966, Donruss put out a set of Marvel Comics superhero cards featuring art from the comics with snappy new captions. Some are very funny, some are very stupid, and some make no sense because they were birthed in ’66 and it is now 2008 (translation: they’re dated). I came across them by … Continue reading Wanna See My Etchings?

“The Joker” – the review

"You shouldn't know what the Joker is thinking." - Brian Azzarello, Wizard World Texas, November 8, 2008 I will admit, I bought "The Joker" to get it autographed at Wizard World.  With both the writer and the artist in attendance, it seemed like a good idea.  The deep discount I got at Barnes & Noble didn't hurt. … Continue reading “The Joker” – the review

Wizard World Texas to Screen “Futurama: Bender’s Game”

The newest installment in the "Futurama" franchise to get the big screen treatment. Congers, NY (October 14, 2008) – Wizard World Texas is proud to host a screening of the latest DVD film in the dynamic "Futurama" dynasty on Saturday, November 8th with an encore presentation on Sunday, November 9th. This is a rare opportunity … Continue reading Wizard World Texas to Screen “Futurama: Bender’s Game”

Wizard World Texas Press Release

Stephe and I will be attending the convention and will bring you updates leading up to  the convention and then from the floor itself. Three More Big Names Added To The Comic Convention! Congers, NY (October 1st, 2008) – As the last Wizard World of the year draws closer, more and more big names are … Continue reading Wizard World Texas Press Release