Wrestlemania 25 – the Review

  So our belated and beleagured journey through Wrestlemania weekend comes to a conclusion with the big one...Wrestlemania 25. We arrived at Reliant Stadium not knowing that the tag team unification match had been moved to a dark match.  Just further proof as to how far tag team wrestling has fallen in the eye of … Continue reading Wrestlemania 25 – the Review

Wrestlemania Weekend – Axxess

  The next stop on our much belated trip to Wrestlemania weekend finds us taking in Axxess. Despite numerous attempts to procure press credentials for the WWF/E Hall of Fame failed, we opted to hit Axxess instead.  We knew a vast majority of the fans AND the workers would be downtown and hopefully our wait … Continue reading Wrestlemania Weekend – Axxess

Wrestlemania Weekend – The Booker T. Legends of Wrestling FanFest

Coverage of GonzoGeek's Wrestlemania weekend begins right here loyal reader(s). Friday brought us the first ever Booker T. Legends of Wrestling Fan Fest.  Since Stephe wasn't due in until Saturday, I took this one in by myself.  I drove downtown and parked with no problem.  Then I walked to the GRB.  What I found most … Continue reading Wrestlemania Weekend – The Booker T. Legends of Wrestling FanFest

Booking Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 25

      And I like you. I'll tell you why. You said what was on your mind and then you had the guts to come in the ring and back it up. - Roddy Piper to Chris Jericho Monday Night Raw, 2/16/09 Ever since Mickey Rourke called out Chris Jericho on the red carpet … Continue reading Booking Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 25

Ring of Honor “Take No Prisoners”

  It was announced today that the Saturday, April 4, 2009, Ring of Honor show will also double as the taping of the company's next pay-per-view, "Take No Prisoners." The good news is that your humble GonzoGeeks have third row seats to this show so we can cover it in detail for our loyal reader(s). … Continue reading Ring of Honor “Take No Prisoners”

Raw Thoughts – 2/9/09

  Wrestlemania XXV is less than 2 months away.  With the show being right in GonzoGeek's backyard, expect our coverage to ramp up in the coming weeks. For instance, this past Monday I had a chance to watch Raw in its entirety for the first time in I don't remember how long.  Thought I'd better … Continue reading Raw Thoughts – 2/9/09

WWE Hall of Fame 2009

As we here at GonzoGeek continue to prepare for the WWE's invasion of Houston in April, our attention turns today toward the annual Hall of Fame induction. The WWE established the Hall of Fame as a way of recognizing contributions of those who have gone before.  That can mean a wrestler like Ric Flair or … Continue reading WWE Hall of Fame 2009

Wrestlemania XXV: Hulk vs. Stone Cold?

Well maybe not. Interviewed Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 16, 2008, on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show (Sirius satellite radio, Howard 101), Terry "Hulk" Hogan said that he had not been contacted by anyone regarding such a match. Still, that's a far cry from saying, "No. Nothing like that is going to happen," or some other actual … Continue reading Wrestlemania XXV: Hulk vs. Stone Cold?