Five Underrated Songs of the 80s

The other night I took my wife to see Duran Duran for her birthday.  She was a huge Duranie (Durany?  Durani?) back in the day and never got a chance to see them live.  Wednesday night they played a small venue here in Houston and we took in the show. Let me just say that … Continue reading Five Underrated Songs of the 80s

Friday LinkFrogging – 1/29/10

Welcome back to our weekly stroll through the back alleys of the internet as hosted by the gang here at GonzoGeek.  As always, we seek to entertain and enlighten (enlightertain?  enterlighten?). As is the tradition around here, before we begin our journey we must introduce this week's tour guide (also known in these parts as … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 1/29/10

Rosie O’Donnell Interview

my brothers and i were guests on the rosie o'donnell xm-radio show last week.  she dug our "operation earwax removal" clip on youtube so much that she flew us up to nyc and back.  it was a kick ass time and rosie and her whole crew were really awesome to us.  the guest in the … Continue reading Rosie O’Donnell Interview

Operation: Earwax Removal

So did you ever get your ear so stopped up you had to go get it unclogged? One of the benefits of having a doctor in the family is you can git 'er done at home. And if what comes out is huge and hairy, it's even cooler if you have another brother around to film … Continue reading Operation: Earwax Removal

Free OFFICIAL Monty Python clips on YouTube

Few artists (perhaps just Frank Zappa) have been as prolific, unwavering, influential, and successful as Monty Python. Combined with the ez-video age of YouTube and instant downloads, this has led to a great deal of piracy. Now, however, the original Pirates have struck back, they have reloaded their filing cabinets and are firing broadsides at … Continue reading Free OFFICIAL Monty Python clips on YouTube