Friday LinkFrogging – 9/3/10

Is that a very long blade in your pocket, or....

Now what you gotta do, I’ll tell you what you gotta do
You got to pretend your face is a Maserati
It’s a Maserati
It’s a Maserati
It’s a gettin’ hotty
It’s a Maserati, Maserati, Maserati
It’s a fast one too man, that thing’s turbocharged

Short and sweet. That’s sometimes the order of business around here, no more so than on the last holiday weekend before the Holidays arrive (*bleeruuuggh*). In this case, however, it also applies to our Cheesecake of the week, Ms. Jessica Alba.

We’ve captured her here in a get-up more befitting Halloween (or a really good Saturday night!) from 5 long years ago in ‘Sin City.’ But have no doubt fair laborers, she will set your grills alight this weekend, teaming once again with Robert Rodriquez’ in ‘Machete,’ also featuring no less than Robert De Niro, Steven Segal, Cheech Marin, Michelle Rodriguez, at least one luchadore, and Danny Trejo (you’ll know him when you see him).

Her resume is heavy on geek-cred (‘Dark Angel,’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ etc.), which is more than reason enough to allow her to host this week’s proceedings. After all, what’s good for Mr. Rodriguez, who will be returning to her talents in ‘Spy Kids 4: Armageddon,’ has got to be good for the rest of us, right?

Glad you agree.

Now pop open your beverage of choice, apply your rubs, warm up that smoker, and start things off the only way you know how: with the links.

Best. Resume. Ever.

I’m pretty sure we’ll learn about sexual harrassment when he whips out his junk.

Restoring honor with lies.

Warp Riders

Ashes into vinyl.

The Chicken Song

Workplace advice from the makers of Summer’s Eve.

Two greats being great together.

Rock Me Sexy Jesus.


And now, the official music video.

The Mother of All Science-Fiction Movies…and not a bad Motorhead song either.

E-reader comparison.

Rob Dibble…too nasty for Nats.

Mama Grizzly revealed.

and finally…Kimbo’s back. Bum’s beware!

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