Friday LinkFrogging – 4/9/10

I don’t know about you dear reader, but this week has been like a double album.  There were some really good tracks, a lot of filler and some stuff I don’t ever want to hear again.

Did that make any sense?



That’s just the kind of week I’ve had.

Let’s just move on shall we?

I was conflicted this week on our cheesecake selection.  My initial thought was to go with Kristen Stewart and leach off some hits from the press surrounding the new Runaways movie.  Turns out that unless your idea of cheesecake is Kristen scowling in a NORML approved bikini, then there isn’t much to choose from.  Could this chick smile once in a while?  Please.

Then, after the tragic breakup of Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, I was going to go with Jenny to help her get over her sense of loss.  Norm McDonald telling Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman and Tony Clifton stories on Mancow this morning might have had something to do with that line of thinking.

Or, as my wife rightfully pointed out, “That’s a long way to go to use Jenny McCarthy.”

Point wife.

Then, being the trooper that she is, she suggested this young lady.

Say hello to this week’s cheesecake, Mila Kunis.  You may remember her best as the annoying Jackie on That 70’s Show.  She has since graduated to feature films, including a breakout role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  This weekend she co-stars alongside another Freaks and Geeks alum, James Franco, in Date Night

Thanks honey.

On with the links.

Marshmallow murder.

Hot rockin’ redux.

Hot rockin’ for real.

Anarchy coming God’s way.

Be proud America.

Stephe’s rabbit hole deepens.

 Hey!  It’s that guy!

 New Jersey finally figures out what the rest of America already knew.

David’s Iraq deployment blog.

Kickboxing orangutans!

Coup de Tweet!

10 creepiest paintings by John Wayne Gacy.

Robert Pattinson to play Kurt Cobain.  Courtney Love wants Scarlett Johansen to play her.  Dear Courtney, people in hell want ice water.

Uh-oh!  Chris Evans doesn’t know jack about Captain America.

Are game consoles going the way of the 8 track tape?

Jason Lee’s ex-wife spills the dirt on Scientology.

In honor of Tiger Woods and the Masters, the 15 hottest women to ever be cheated on.

Dan Akroyd tells Bill Murray to shut up, cash his check and get on with Ghostbusters 3.

That little kid from Jerry Maguire?  Yeah, he’s grown up and got mad game.

Slash flies his Team Coco colors on The Tonight Show.  Suck it Leno!

Here’s why all chick flicks are starting to look the same.   Wait, starting to?

Buck Rogers to get updated big screen treatment.  Gil Gerard goes Adam West.  “They didn’t even ask me!”

The 7 coolest “losers” in comedy movies.

And finally, we’re leave by dropping a real “Cherry Bomb” on you.  Here are the REAL Runaways on Japanese television circa 1977.

3 thoughts on “Friday LinkFrogging – 4/9/10

  1. You know, something’s been bugging me about this week’s Link-Froggie or cheesecake or whatever we call her. I’m pretty sure the cleavage has been photoshoped in. Please tell me if I’m wrong if I am.

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