The Ride is Over – Closing the Book on GonzoGeek

Everything dies baby that’s a fact – Springsteen

They say all good things come to an end.

You can now add GonzoGeek to that long and illustrious list.

After nearly 13 years, we’re going to call it a day or a decade.

What started out as a way for me and bunch of my friends to find a creative outlet turned out, over the years, to be so much more.

We got to cover auto racing, SDCC, Bellator and many other wonderful events thanks to the little corner of the internet we carved out for ourselves.

When we started out, “geek” wasn’t really a thing.

My how things have changed.

Now the whole world is fluent in Marvel and our original cheesecake, Kaley Cuoco, has graduated from The Big Bang Theory to HBO Max.

Time does move on.

Speaking of cheesecake, that particular element of our signature LinkFrogging feature hasn’t really kept pace with the times.

Everything that dies one day comes back – Springsteen

Now, just because we’re wrapping up GonzoGeek, that doesn’t mean you can’t still follow your favorite Geeks in the future.

Stephe and I will be moving on to a website devoted to our new podcast, SlurpToast, in the coming weeks.

Chris has already written one book and he’s likely to write more. Follow his doings HERE.

Matt is the social voice of the Florida Citrus Sports.

John writes for numerous sports publications.

I’d also like to that Aamir for his hard work on the musical side of things. He brought a fresh voice when we needed it.

Special thanks to our other contributors through the years: HunterRandy, Chuck and Keith. We appreciate every word you sent out way.

I’m going to leave the site up for posterity. So, you’re welcome posterity.

Thanks for all the looks over the years.

We hope you’ve had as much fun as us.

Just remember what the good doctor said…Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

Live Gonzo kids.

And thanks.

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