Elektra Luxx – the review

Opening today in limited release, Sony PicturesElektra Luxx picks up where 2009’s Women in Trouble left off.  The titular character, Elektra Luxx (Carla Gugino) has left her life as an adult film star behind upon learning that she is pregnant with the child of deceased rock star, Nick Chapel.

We are informed of this news by Bert Rodriguez, sex blogger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).  Rodriguez is devastated by Luxx’s retirement and disturbed by his sister’s attempt to get noticed on his blog.

 And so begins Elektra’s quest for a normal life in the most abnormal of circumstances.

She meets a former co-worker on her way to Mexico with her best friend.  She agrees to take part in a revenge scheme.  She helps out a naked neighbor.  She gets a visit from the Virgin Mary.

 All just another day in the life of Elektra Luxx.

The movie features an all-star cast including Gugino, Gordon-Levitt, Kathleen Quinlan, Timothy Olyphant, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Adrianne Palicki (your new Wonder Woman) and Malin Ackerman.

The stories of the various characters weave in and out over the course of several days in Los Angeles.  With each encounter Elektra tries to decide how to live her life as a normal person, a daunting prospect. 

The film’s strengths lie with its cast.  The talented actors and actresses are able to mine the story and deliver without devolving into farce.  The characters drift in and out of one anothers’ lives in a believable way.  Gugino makes Elektra sympathetic as events from her past exert themselves on her future.  Gordon-Levitt is well cast as the de facto narrator.  His story keeps the viewer engaged in the world outside of Elektra’s personal issues.  Adrianne Palicki’s Holly Rocket is a ditsy porn star coming to terms with issues of her own after a random encounter with Elektra.

Gugino and Ackerman only share one scene, but it was fun to see both generations of Silk Spectre on screen again together.

Elektra Luxx is a fun movie.  Seek it out if it comes to your area.

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