Jibbies & Loond: Small Stone SXSW Pt. 2 – The Day Party

What could possibly be better than spending an entire night getting blown away by Small Stone Recordings artists? Spending the first 6 rocking-hours of the next day doing it again! Loond got there early and had a great talk with Small Stone head Scott Hamilton, which we’ll bring you as part of the next podcast. He then had his face melted by a daytime reprise of House Of Broken Promises’ showcase peformance and had the beers waiting by the time Jibbies completed his 2-hr parking odyssey and entered the house for Austin’s own Tia Carrera.

Tia Carrera played two extended jams as their set and blew minds. This band can ride a groove like few others.

Magnet School brought a very cool palate cleanser to the party, hearkening back to bands like Swervedriver and Hum.

The mighty Lo-Pan strike again. No matter where you look something spectacular is happening. A trans-genre rock machine.

Richmond, Va.’s the Might Could played the show case as well, with guitarist Erik Larsen explaining that this is neither the full nor standard band line-up. Either way, they’re on to something good here. Classic rock with a ton of edge.

Jibbies & Loond take to the streets to find a clean bathroom before hitting the Metalliance tour/showcase that evening.

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